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"30Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;
31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and now grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint."
----Isaiah 40:30-31

Let us reload!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


It's the season of every year..

where students start facing books for a longer time than usual..

with the possibility of the books knowing them more than them know the books..

a lot of usual activities got cut down..

television..internet..computer..or just the simple word, 'fun'..

the horror..of having to sit in a very silent classroom..separated from other students..

the suffering..of not doing good..

the disappointment of bad outcomes that often come with bad consequences..

yes..it's that season again..when it is saturated with



so what should we do????

the title gave it away..and that is, to pray..

not just for ourselves..

but to others as well..

so please pray for the PMR-ers, SPM-ers, STPM-ers and A-LEVELS-ers..

at least pray for our youths who are taking them..

'cause we all need each other's prayers..

that's all for now..

Monday, 29 September 2008

Have you heard....?


Hey there everybody! This is the 1st 'Have you heard' session..

I've uploaded some songs which should be familiar to us..but different versions..so click and play and check them out:
(i do hope this works..cz Tanya's song i've uploaded and changed the Html to make it play only when you click and it works for my comp..but dunno why for Ivan's and Tammi's it didn't)

Amazing Grace by Reba McIntire,Clint Black,Waylon Jennings,Carlene Carter,Lyle Lovette,Maverick. This is a country-styled version.

Amazing Love(You Are My King) by Chris Rice. It's the 1st full song i've ever played before when i 1st learn guitar (thanks, Uncle Perry!)

In Christ Alone with Solid Rock by Travis Cottrell. It's a live version so there's a bit of talking in the beginning.

One Way by Phillips, Craig and Dean. I'm sure all of us youths know this song. This version is sung by a trio of 3 pastors from different churches.

More Love, More Power by Jeff Deyo. The guy was the lead singer of SONICFLOOd (the old one and yea there's a new one after the former broke up). And this is a more rock/hip hop version of that song.

Well there you go..i suppose some are sung differently 'cause for studio albums like the last 2 songs..so i'm not suggesting we sing like that in church, haha

Sunday, 28 September 2008

SUNDAY, 7.30AM: Tammi's alarm rings. Tammi shuts off alarm and decides to snooze it until 8am.

- but she forgets to reset the alarm!!! -

SUNDAY, 10.28AM: Justin SMSes Tammi to ask where she is. SMS alert tone wakes Tammi up and Tammi is shocked when she sees what time it is. Tammi apologizes to Justin and says that she will go to the second service which is at 12.30pm (cuz she obviously cannot make it to the 10.30am service anymore).

SUNDAY, 12.30PM: Tammi reaches church (yep, at that exact time). Church service starts.

SUNDAY, forgot-exactly-what-time PM: Singapore YWAM boss/head/whatever.. leader? A Mr. Joseph Chean is the speaker for today. He tells his story of how, before he accepted Christ at the age of 18, he was an Orchard road lepak-er, until a friend (who, ironically, was the same friend who had taught him every bad thing he knew) brought him to Christ.

Bah. I'm tired of the timeline thing. Hahahaha. Anyway, his sermon was great and very touching, his story amazing. I didn't get to make notes cuz I forgot to bring a pen and notebook, so yeah, I'll just roughly try and tell everything by memory. *ahem* Here goes...

So yeah, so he (the speaker guy..) went to church, and then he said that during worship a slide that quoted John 3:16 (if you don't know verse, then... hahaha, I don't know xD) but instead of "the world", the words were replaced with the speaker's name. Yeah. Something like that. Hahaha. So well, he accepted Christ, even though his mom didn't allow him to. But he went ahead anyway.

Then his mom found out about him going to church, but she let him, but this time the condition was that he was not allowed to be baptized. But guess what? He got baptized anyway, but without telling his mom, of course.

And so yeah, he went home after being baptized, and he found out that his mom knew. He was surprised, and asked her how she knew.

His mom said that earlier on she had went to visit his uncle, who is some Buddhist priest thing, to try and convert his spirit (the speaker) from Christianity back to Buddhism.
She then said his uncle said he couldn't do it, because the spirit that was inside Joseph was something that couldn't be touched. Then his mom was like "All these gods in front of you and you can't touch it??" and the priest guy was like "Because the Spirit is that of the most High God."

Yeah. I'm so afraid I might have gotten the story wrong (Justin, he was your speaker at first service also right? Did he tell the same story?)

So yeah. Uhm. Then blah blah, he was called to full-time mission trips, went to visit slums in India, and saw the extreme poverty they were living in, and it prompted him to this question: Who are we to live the way we are living now, instead of like those in poverty? What did we do to deserve the clothes we wear, the food we eat etc.? That one was, yeah. It got me.

He then referred to Ezekiel 43:1-2. *grabs Bible* - Then the man brought me to the gate facing east, and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east...

Gah. How I wish I had taken notes. Now my post is like all over the place -_- He said something about how revivals have been everywhere since Paul started sharing the gospel from Rome onwards. It then went on to transform Europe, Africa, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia... but then there hasn't been like a full gospel revival in Asia. Yeppers, our beloved continent. See why I bolded all the "easts" in the verse above? Lol.

Man! *makes mental note to remember to always bring a pen and notebook to church next time*

He told us some things that were amazing, that really reflected God's glory. My favourite was one of which a woman was told by God to collect used clothes to donate them to a group of missionaries who were specifically going to Cambodia. So she found them, and they brought it to the orphanage in Cambodia, and they counted out the clothes and there were not enough. So they didn't dare to give them out, but in the end they did (after praying over the clothes... like the story of the 2 fish and 5 bread? Or was it 2 bread and 5 fish.. I think it was 2 fish.. hahahaha xD) and they gave out the clothes one by one, and at the end, each and every kid had three sets of clothing each. AMAZING RIGHT!!!???

Sigh. I felt really touched to reach out to my friends. None of my friends are Christians as far as I know. But I'm really scared to, honestly, especially since we're all not that close yet. Sigh.

Hope my story wasn't weird and messy, haha.. I promise to make proper notes next time especially if I intend to blog about it xD

Have a great week, everybody!

prayers prayers...=)

hey, i wanna shout out a reminder to all here...
please remember to pray for the youths that has gone away to further their studies...
pray that their faith may remain strong and pray that they devote some time to the Lord...
pray that they continue going to church every Sunday...
as worship and socializing with Christians is very important to maintain a strong faith in the Lord..
pray that they wont back slide.... and pray that the Lord will protect them from any temptations and evil desires... DONT FORGET THEM! THEY NEED EXTRA PRAYERS....

thank you =)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Watch the Lamb - Ray Boltz

This is the video that Justin posted about. I put it here for the convenience of you all who just feel lazy to copy the link and paste in on the adrress bar..haha

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Watch the Lamb

Hey guys...try go watch this video....is the song familiar to you....if so ...do u remember when did u all hear them??>.....coz i wanna make sure is it the song which was used during a mime play during easter, when i was primary 6 with Noah and wen jeh ......hahaha.... it is a very old song thou

Bt i thought that the lyrics were very meaningful...mayb can used it 4 some evangelical event....

Hope u guys are doing fine even with all the exam are coming....mine too.....

Continue to remember each other in prayer n also help to bear each other's burden...like what we did for WEN Yii....

Ok ...will soon update my self after the exams...

here u go


here goes my decision..

hey people................................I've finally made up my mind after much thinking and prayer... and the decision is........*drum rolls*........ *Chick pang~*.......I'M NOT GOING.... *echoes of applause from a huge crowd*... lol... I've decided that... i wont be going to Singapore... I'm sorry to those that advise me on going... and i thank you guys so much for putting time and effort to help me... you guys did a lot...=).... the main reason for my decision...... i just don't feel that going will be a good choice... and many people said don't go too.... and after much prayer from me and I'm sure you guys too... I'm sure this is the right choice.... having offered this scholarship made me learn a lot....
I've learn to appreciate people more...mainly my friends...i don't know why i will learn that through this experience... kinda irrelevant.. anyway its good...coz I've been having problems with friends and now I've started to put effort to fix things... and I'm seeing a change in the situation... things are definitely getting better...
other than that, I've learn to open up a puny tiny a bit in asking people for help.. i use to do everything on my own... and keep all my emotions and problems to myself... kinda tiring...=(..
i also learnt to offer every anxieties to the Lord in prayer and trust in Him....=)
and i suddenly have this urge that i should study extra hard next year... maybe coz i thought like if i really went to Singapore, the studies would be tough, and i have easier studies here.. should appreciate it, and not take it for granted....yay... =)
and I'm so happy that i made this decision.... coz i would be able to fulfill all my plans that i had planned earlier for this year end and next year! wEEeeEEeeeE....X)...
so, i don't think rejecting this scholarship is a waste after having learnt all this things through this experience...u know what i think.....??? i think u guys should go for a scholarship test and then when u get it, reject it... wahahhahahha.... then you'll learn a lot... NO LA NO LA!! JOKING!! =D..
well, i thank you guys for all the effort, time, and prayers... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! XOXO.... =)....

Monday, 22 September 2008

Amazing Grace the movie

Hey..i have a suggestion..should we screen this in church like last time we screened Facing the Giants? Here's the trailer:

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Tanya here.

First off I wanna say HATS OFF to Ronan for thinking of this blog idea.. I mean, we all can see now that its a big hit. among ourselves lah, haha.. BRILLIANT!
but see? we can all tell each other about our lives and such things even during the weekdays, and even keep in touch with those not in KK.. and let the adults have a glimpse of how we think and etc... you know what I mean.

I'd much rather blog HERE than in my own blog, actually.

to WEN YI :
I am TOTALLY biased about you going to Singapore. Of course I am. Cause I will MISS YOU and when you originally had at least another year here you would leave about the same time as those who were already planning to leave. Example, those A-Level graduates and SPM graduates and.. yeah..
Trying to put ALL biased excuses aside...

This singapore scholarship IS a big deal.
Either decision you make, you will wonder, "What would have happened if I stayed in KK/took that scholarship".
I don't want you to regret staying here and giving up that scholarship and a chance to be a scholar, an opportunity leap to greater heights when you're so young (I mean, you're pushed back but its still WAY more advanced than here)to become so 'powerful' and independant. To prepare yourself for university....
compared with staying in LOK YUK. I mean. come on. LOK YUK compared with METHODIST' GIRLS SCHOOL.
ha. you get my point. But your friends in Lok Yuk 'win', I THINK. =)

I also don't want you to regret going there, experiencing the thrills of independence, living out by yourself, meeting people from all around the world, having the name of a SCHOLAR, and saving all that money (dont get me wrong-saving is good!) and miss out on your last few years of 'childhood'.


Whatever.. I mean.. when I think of going out to study at your age, the first thing I think of is like, giving up your last few moments of freedom. Because once you go.. You are like living the life of a UNIVERSITY STUDENT. You're only 16 this year!
You'd be under pressure to study hard and keep the scholarship. I know there's time for fun, but your schoolmates and friends will also be your competitors.

I don't have a SINGLE doubt about you handling it. I know you can, 100%. But do you WANT TO be able to handle this? To be under such pressure and stress. Is it worth it? (Sorry for sounding like a drill sergeant)

Will you become hardened from living in such a cold and 'harsh' environment from such a young age compared with gaining a little bit more life experience here?
Or are you up for the challenge of becoming independent and 'your own person' and learning different things, different ways of life... I admit that the thought of becoming so independent and living 'by myself' in another country as nice as Singapore would make me feel kinda 'powerful'.

I don't know about you...Will it be worth it?

I'm SORRY! I don't think I helped you at all. That was the only think I could think of right now.
That was DEFINITELY biased. Sigh. Sorry. I almost wish that I got the scholarship so I can go with you...I would be in the same class... =')

We will all be praying for you. Just be sure that the decision you make is totally God's will. He has great plans for you either way though...Talk to you soon...

goodbye, farewell

uhm..ivan here yeah..

uh..i'll be leaving to uk on the 25th of september..



talk to me if u wanna know more..

(i think not so good to post details on the net o.O)

you guys...the youth...the church..the uncles, the aunties, the tai kors, the tai jies, the sai dis and the sai muis..have been a source of warmth, a source of..'ohana. (xD very cheesy, but i mean it from the depths of my heart.)(LOL i just learnt that "'ohana" is spelt with an apostrophe in front o.O 'ohana =D)

"ʻOhana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten." -Stitch.

Wikipedia: Part of Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. It emphasizes that family and friends are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another.

adoptive, or intentional.

maybe i'm both xD
hmm...the church didn't adopt me, GOD did.(and so, in turn, the church did xD)
AND it was intentional o.O maybe more God's intention than mine o.O

BLOOD related.
=we are blood related :D

well..bye kor kor jie jie di di mei mei! (and uncles and aunties xD)

i love you guys.

=') i am gonna miss you guys so much.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


sorry everyone for not telling u guys this earlier....actually.... i had already determined my after spm path before everything happened.... that is, after spm, i straight away go for a levels... but most probably foundation because i know what i want already... so by going to singapore, i will restart my education again by being down-graded to secondary 3 , its a waste of time since i already know what i want (justin's opinion)... and my future would be determined by the singapore A result... because if i dont reach the requirement for that certain uni im supposedly going into (most likely to happen coz their A level its so hard proved by many surveys and observations), i would be forced to change my course...which i dont hope it will happen...
=(....whereas if i stay on here, the A level would be much easier... anyway i would be going straight to foundation (since i know what i want)....(<<<---my mum's opinion)...and maybe some of you will think... "cheh, someday i'll change my mind on what i want to study leh??" my answer (i told angelica too)... for me, its better to regret not going there (minor regret, not so painful coz i wont know how i'd turned out there, and the study life there and dont have to pay that amount of money).. than to regret being there suffering (if really cant cope) and end up having to pay THAT SERIOUSLY BIG AMOUNT OF MONEY.... (major and painful regret coz i already know studies here would be easier and i ended up having to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).... so.... yeah, sorry dint mentioned earlier....=)

WEN YI! this is for you =)

Okay. First up, really sorry if I come off as rambling. Second, this is just my honest opinion, what happens is up to you okay? It's your decision. Your parents may help, whoever gives their opinions may help, but yes, obviously it is you who makes the choice =)

Yes my dear congratulations on making it! Happy for you and proud of you. I'm sure many other people would do anything for this opportunity, and there is it, right in front of you, waiting for you instead of the other way round, if you know what I mean xD

I read through your list of pros and cons, and they are good. It made me like "Whoa! Go for it!" at first and then all of a sudden "Oh yeah..." Especially the pay more thing. Sheesh. So money-minded this $ingaporean government. Everywhere is DON'T DO THIS OR $___ and then if I don't fulfill my tuition grant deal I also need to pay back -_-


I do admit that this is a nice place (no I'm not just talking about shopping xD). The place is quite clean (not perfect, but better than you-kn0w-where), transportation is awesome, there are student meals everywhere! Uhm, yeah. Hahaha. It's quite an ideal place to study in my opinion because it's better than Malaysia yet near to Malaysia. HAH. I'm serious. At the rate of how our politics are going -_- *shakes head*.

ANYWAY I don't like politics, so moving on.....

You mentioned that because it's a Christian school, you will be more disciplined. Maybe the system will be good, but what about the people there? Your classmates? Especially since it's an all-girls school O.o I seriously doubt I could deal with that xD I'm not saying everybody is bad. My Singaporean friends are nice and all, but I do know of others who are not my class who are... eh. Never mind. Wherever we are, we have to be careful with whom we acquaint ourselves with =)

In the long run, yes, university life will not be tough for you because you've already been accustomed to working hard and so on. But what about while you are still in the methodist school? Are you prepared to take up the challenge of living up to the high standards and results? It's a competitive world (even getting in and out of the MRT gets you into a competitive mood. See here.) xD

AGAIN BEFORE I MOVE ON I SHALL CLARIFY that I am not saying that you cannot do it, Wen Yi. I know you can =) I'm just pointing out stuff so you can be prepared =D Again, it's just my opinion xD

About starting and finishing uni later, I don't think it's THAT big a deal (it still is something to be considered, but you needn't worry that much =] )

4. as a scholar, i will be often observed and judged by the local students there, means alot ofstress, coz have to maintain good grades..(coz as a scholar, we must excel...-.-") <-- Yeah, okay. Again, the pressure of maintaining high and good grades. Depending on the person this may make or break him or her. If you get the drive to really excel based on peer pressure (this time I think it's kinda considered good peer pressure) then I think it's a good motivation. But be careful because Singaporeans are racist and might tend to look down on you. But I think you might be all right xD It's highly likely that you will be mistaken as a fellow Singaporean, as I often am xD But then I do get comments like "Eh you're from Malaysia right? But your English quite good ah!" xD It's a compliment, yeah, but shows how they think of us in general. Hahaha. One even told me "So far ya, out of all the Malaysians I know, you are the one with the best English. All the others ah.. *shakes head*" xD And your English is quite good wat, Wen Yi! You needn't worry =D

6. Singaporeans moral values are not very good.. according to many people... and character ismore important than knowledge, so, if I'm being influenced, no money would be enough to payand bring me back... (even though we have God, I'm not doubting God OK.. i know clearlyeverything is possible for Him but why risk it when u can avoid it) <-- Cling onto Him and you will be fine =) And remember to mix in with the right crowd! Not everybody is bad but certainly not everyone is good. One time in a combined class, there were some people who aren't from my class sitting behind me, and they joked a lot about inappropriate stuff and dropped F-bombs sometimes. Thank God I don't know them.

And yes dear. Even if you are the most accomplished student in the entire school yet have conformed and become... bad, and stuff... I consider that a waste.

. im afraid i get too stress till i have problems mentally and emotionally (hey, it might happenOK..lol) especially during "a" levels <-- Sad to say I'm still not very close with you, so I don't know how you deal with stress. If you easily crack, then please reconsider. I don't think it's worth it if you go crazy and stuff.

But honestly. Is the only reason your parents want you to go is because of the financial support?I'm not saying it's not a good reason, but. I don't know. It's definitely not the best. You don't want to go a free school that kills you right, hahaha.

Don't worry I will continue to pray for you, and if you want I can ask my local friends for more info and their opinions if you like =) Whatever you choose, everyone still loves you and God will guide you, whether you remain in KK, come here to Singapore or end up in.. I dunno.. Alaska or something xD Just kidding, haha..

Sorry if I sounded like I'm such a negative person in my post D= It's just my opinion. In general, from a third-person point of view, I think it's a good opportunity. But as a friend and quite possibly a big sister =p I just want to be sure that you are ready. It's not a small deal made big. You are part of our youth and every decision that has to made is a big deal =)

God bless you and aid you in making the right decision =)

lots of love

Friday, 19 September 2008

youths, uncles, aunties, i need help and advice....=/

hey youths, uncles and aunties... i need some help... i need to tell you guys something... though some of you know this already... but some dont... a few months ago i was offered a scholarship to study in singapore... the school is Methodist Girl's school... im having some trouble deciding whether or not to go... i know this is a golden opportunity not to be missed... but there's so much more to be considered if you really looked into it.. in the beginning i was so excited and eager to go... but the more my parents and i researched on the terms and conditions.. the more confused i got... i've been struggling so much with my parents... arguing so much... there's just too much to consider... and now i dont know whether or not i should go... angelica helped me that day...advising me...thank you!!..i felt better, but my parents and i discussed again.. and im confused again...i even have a hard time sleeping now...-.-"... i'll list down the pros and cons of this scholarship... but it'll only be the ones that i can think of right now k....

1. everything is paid for till "a" level plus allowance every month
2. i'll be more independent and tougher mentally and emotionally
3. my education will be better (learn more advance)
4. get a chance to see the outside world
5. i dont have to sit for spm..lol
6. my qualification after i graduate would be accepted all over the universities in the world
(Cambridge certified)
7. the school organises overseas trip each year, the students will travel to another part of the
world (place based on my choice) to experience life there..(will be a good experience)
8. its a christian boarding school (i'll be more disciplined)
9. i'll study harder coz i'll be studying under a condition (as a scholar)
10. get to meet people of different races
11. i'll be on my own often, so when i get to university, i will know how to live on my own
12. every subject will be in english... so dont have to study malay.. haha.. except my mother
tongue, im choosing malay coz their level lower than here, means easier...=)
13. when i get into uni, studies wont be so tough coz singapore's "a" level standard is very high
14. i'll learn alot by dealing with decisions i have to make by myself
15. i'll save alot of my parents money coz no more tuitions, piano lessons, and other expenses for
my living in kk.. (singapore expenses will be given as allowance from school).. i'll also save on
the money needed for my "a" levels (though its not much, but still saved some ma...hehe)
16. my english level will improve dramatically...their english terror o!! O.O

1. i'll be down-graded 2 years, going back to sec 3 when im 17, means im going in to
uni at the age
of 20 or 21.. finish mayb 25 or 26...(so big difference!!!!) if i
continue here, i'll get out of uni by
23 or 24 (this part is the major thing thats
bothering me).. i'll miss out 2 years of working in
the society, gaining experience
and salary, and my seniority (being a senior) will be reached
when im much
older, means get promotion much later (when im working)

2. i'll miss my senior year here, which i was looking forward to very much. if i stay on here, i will
be in uni so soon.. if i go there.. uni years seems so far...=(
3. studies there will be really hard, especially "a" levels, and i wont have tuition, im gonna be
working on my own, which will be hard.
4. as a scholar, i will be often observed and judged by the local students there, means alot of
stress, coz have to maintain good grades..(coz as a scholar, we must excel...-.-")
5. if i really cant cope with the studies there, we have to pay 10% more of the
scholarship. 1
year's school fee is about 15,000 sing dollars (x 2 point something
for RM, u do the maths)..
like if i make it through sec 3 and 4, OK la.. but if i cant
cope with "a" levels (that'll be my 3 or
forth year, then 15,000 x 3/4 sing dollars x
10% again) means... MATAI!! =(.. this is my major
problem too.
6. Singaporeans moral values are not very good.. according to many people... and character is
more important than knowledge, so, if I'm being influenced, no money would be enough to pay
and bring me back... (even though we have God, I'm not doubting God OK.. i know clearly
everything is possible for Him but why risk it when u can avoid it)
7. my relationship with family will be distant, we are close lo now.. with mum dad sis, everything
is great... don't wanna lose that so soon...=/
8. I'll miss the youth!! =(
9. im afraid i get too stress till i have problems mentally and emotionally (hey, it might happen
OK..lol) especially during "a" levels
10. if my "o" level result (kinda like spm but its during sec 4, means the end of high school is sec
4)... if the result not good.. I'll be send to a neighbourhood Junior college, means not so good
teachers, that'll make my "a" level harder to cope with.
11. I'll study more subjects in "a" level... here only 3 or 4.. there 5 or 6...even thought difference
by 1 sub, but that's a lot when u study it right...=/
12. i wont have my parents around to teach and guide me anymore... through problems and stuff

That's all for now........ please please pray for me... pray that I'll make the right choice... and please, if any1 has information bout studies in Singapore and life experiences...(maybe from relatives or friends that study there)... please find out bout it and let me know please.... this may seem like a small issue and I'm like making it a big deal.. but to me.. it is a big deal... coz I'm the 1 going there to study... I'm the one that's going to face every difficulties... so... please help and pray.... thanks... if any1 has any advice and info... and I'm hoping for some feedback....please feel free to email me at soowenyi@hotmail.com or "msn" me...
kindly think carefully bout the pros and cons before commenting as this is a serious thing im going to have to face ....every one's concern and help would be deeply truly sincerely appreciated...THANK U!!! =)

Check this out..

Thursday, 18 September 2008