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"30Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;
31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and now grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint."
----Isaiah 40:30-31

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Friday, 31 October 2008

hey youth-fyysss!!

YO!! i got an idea by talking to travis that day when he sent me home...
though there's no more youth fellowship, but we could all still hang out during saturdays..
like go out for a drink, just to have fellowship know what i mean?
truth is, seeing u guys only once a week, very hard la! i'll miss you guys!! hahahhaha
i know everyone feels the same! dont be shy, just admit it.. XD
anyway, tanya suggested that we could even go to one of the youth's house just to hang out...
chat and do stuff.... nice leh!! if anyone has any plans.... PLEASE JUST DO IT! CALL EVERYONE! X)...


GUYS!! (ivan here) there's an interchurch prayer meeting tonight at Kyrugma house at 8-10pm!!

and there's an interYOUTH prayer meeting incorporated into it xD

praying for MALAYSIA!!

i'm going =D let me know as early as possible if you need transport, jeremy koh and i will see what we can do..

Thursday, 30 October 2008

27th October 2008 outing ---- by popular demand!

Um.. hi guys.. this is Tanya.. I was asked to blog about the movie outing the youths had to One Borneo last Monday, the 27th October, which was a public holiday because of Deepavali.
How did it all start out, you wonder?
We have no pictures, unfortunately, so this post has to go solely on my descriptions and details and YOUR imagination!!

Well, last Saturday night, the only youth representatives, Wen Yi, Wen Yiing and myself were at newlyweds (Auntie and Uncle?) Joyce and Jeffrey's wedding dinner at a seafood restaurant(forgot its name. next to Wawasan Plaza there?) and we were talking as usual. Then one of the Soo sisters (forgot which one, XD) suddenly suggested going to watch a movie on Monday.
I was literally like, "Eh, can lo! YAY!"
And the sisters were like, "Watch what?"
Then I was like, "High School Musical 3!"
And then the sisters also went "Yay!"

XD juuust kidding. I can't remember how the conversation went, but the next day(Sunday after church during fellowship lunch) we were discussing with the youths about details, arranging transport and such. At first the guys were totally freaked out about watching a TEENY-BOPPER DISNEY SINGING SHOW, but somehow they still wanted to come... (hmm.. suspicious!)

Comes Monday, the big outing day! We had planned to meet at GSC, 1Borneo at 12pm. My parents went to pick up Wen Yi, Wen Yiing, Jeremy, Samuel and Shelby. We were there on time and just hung around outside the cinema laughing at upcoming movie posters and making fun of each others' taste in movies. Samuel and Jeremy were thinking of catching "Eagle Eye", but alas!! The next show time was in 7 hours. Nyehehe! They were stuck with High School Musical 3(HSM3)!

Complaints of hunger then brought our group down to the basement looking for lunch (the other group - in Ivan's car, were late) and we ended up in the famous.... KFC! We were halfway through our Snack Plates/Dinner Plates/wedges/fries when the group from Ivan's car finally arrived. While they had their lunch, those who had finished their food or did not want to eat went back up to the cinema to buy the tickets in advance for the 2.20pm show.
The total amount of tickets we had to pay for was RM149! No wonder movie stars are so rich!!
But there was 17 of us. Big number, eh?

And I shall list down all 17 of the people that needed tickets. Ahem...

Tanya, Wen Yi, Wen Yiing, Shelby, Samuel, Jeremy Lim, Ivan, Adrian, Aaron, Amy, Timothy, Brian, Jeremy Koh, Raymond, Rachelle, Crystal and even little Pearly! =)
Everybody had arrived except for Rachelle, Crystal and Pearly. It was still early so we decided to hit the arcade and play some games. The highlights in that arcade was racing Daytona USA. It was fun and funny watching each other race and ram into hedges and dent their cars onscreen. XD

At 2.00 pm we left the arcade to go back to GSC to buy our popcorn and drinks. We met up with Rachelle, Crystal and Pearly there. Then, Adrian had this 'brilliant' idea of lining all 17 of us up in a long line to systematically march into the theater, just to see the look on the ticket-collector guy's face. -.-
So, they were really slow in 'lining up' so I just went in first, haha, and they said i ruined their great plan. Sorry guys, but you were just too slow. I bet we caused a scene, a big group of noisy teenagers crowding the entrance to the cinema hall... But the ticket-collector guy didn't show any emotion. He just acted nonchalant, like rowdy groups of teenagers came by all the time. They probably do, anyway.

We were seated towards back right hand side of the theater. After the normal 'upcoming movie' trailers, High School Musical 3 started!

Well I won't rant on about what I personally thought of the movie here. You'll have to ask us in person or go watch it yourself. But let me tell you that the guys would softly groan everytime a song started. And the songs weren't bad at all! Guys. *shakes head*

An hour and forty minutes later, the movie ended with a dramatic song number. We exited the theater. Adrian's eyes were red! Did he cry???

No. He FELL ASLEEP halfway through the movie. Tsk tsk tsk.

The other guys were being all sarcastic, saying,
"WA, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ROCKS!" and so on, so forth. I still think that secretly they like it, but they are too proud to admit it. Wahaha! You never know.

After the movie, yeap, back to the arcade we went, but only to shoot some hoops at the basketball machine thingie. All the boys went into a frenzy, tossing balls into the basket, and let's just say they didn't exactly follow the rules of the game. There were about 4 or 5 or even more guys at ONE single machine, throwing basketballs at the same time, just trying to beat the high score. They couldn't. =(
A small crowd had gathered to watch this crazy large group of laughing and shouting teenagers throw basketballs. Either they were watching us or waiting for their turn, which didn't come anytime soon.

And then.. the day ended around 5pm. We went home tired yet happy because we had spent a nice afternoon together, though I'm pretty sure the guys will stay away from movie outing if we are only to watch musicals.

SORRY for the super long, SPM level karangan-clone post. I already tried to simplify it. The youths that were there know what I mean, but hopefully I set the atmosphere for you guys who weren't there.. I AM HONOURED IF YOU READ THROUGH THIS WHOLE POST WITHOUT GETTING BORED OF MY WRITING!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

haha my day

thanks for the wishes ya, hmm... today is my birthday, yay no cakes this year... =.=
lolz got but wait till i come back kk. I havent confirm when im coming back cause of my finals maybe will extendso im going to penang for awhile.

nothing much today, i eat, assignments and sleep. Last night my housemates threw me into the swiming pool,and then i kena milo and eggs when i open the door, and i fell down and hit my head in the wall. hahaha

and once again thanks for the wishes. cant wait to come back..

again.... muahahaha

EDMOND"S BIRTHDAY!!!! send him a message people!! =)

It's someone's birthday time again! another year has come and gone again!
so for EDMOND! here's what I/We want to say:
I/We hope this birthday is the best one yet in every delightful way.
So happy birthday to you, and have lots of birthday fun.
May your birthday wishes come true, even if u have a ton.
God Bless!


Friday, 24 October 2008


"Discovered" this song when it was sung at one of the youth fellowships.. It's a beautiful song =)



Friday, 17 October 2008



doesnt take a genius to guess who this might be...
and yeah, Tunku Abdul Rahman did a historical chanting, shouting thingie of 'MERDEKA!" seven times in 1957 (Sejarah, ahem, ahem)..
Now, Aaron, Aaron square (who is who? XD) Gregory, Jeremy, Pui Hua, Pui Hin, Travis and MEEEEEEEEE plus many other of our friends can all chant and shout MERDEKA seven times too, after our seven PMR subjects we sat through this whole week!! Err, unless somebody took Chinese. That would make it eight merdekas?

ahem. anyway.

I KNOW you all think and say PMR is easy, not important, blah blah blah. Doesnt mean you just plonk right in the classroom and dont do your best and dont care if your results arent good, right?
let me stress out abit about how I did, okay?? Its not like I'm going hysterical........ yet. =p

But still, thanks so much for all your prayers and wishes. I so so so appreciate it!!!!

Current task at hand is filling up my free time. Suggestions!!!!! I dont wanna become a couch potato...

I wanna go OBS. =(




Oh. Enclosed is a random video of Edgar's punishment for ice breakers last saturday. people who werent there, DONT ASK! JUST WATCH! and be confused. =)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Exam Prayers

Hey Guys....regretted of posting this prayer so late.....i hope somewhere somehow in the middle of the exam week u all have time to glance through this blog....coz i have a prayer for u guys.....this prayer is for those who are having "war" against examination....

Heavenly Father,thank You that YOu are Our Lord...Our stronghold, OUr refuge, Our deliverer....Lord we thank you that u have given us the opportunity to go to skol where alot of kids are desperate to go to skol, even to attend a class to improve themselves. Lord i pray that we will appreciate ur blessings for us

Lord we thank YOu that for the past few months and years we have learn so much things in skol....mayb some might not interest us...bt it was an experience of learning...

Lord, as the Reloaded Youth are goin through this week (or for some mayb weeks or months!!!!) of examination...Lord i just pray that u give them a clear mind, a peace of heart that they had already did their very best to prepare their examination...Clear away their anxiousness in thier mind and help them to able to concentrate in reading the quesitons..and also able to answer it well...

For all wisdom comes from u o Lord, we shall not rely on our own strength....Bt to put our trust in You....Lord, i just pray that through this examination that the youth will practice righteouness.....they will follow all the regulation setup by the authority as Your Word has commandeded...

Lord, i also pray that u wil give them extra portion of strength to endure through the examination period...that they may also have enough of rest...Lord i pray that u will also cast away the evil one who might try to distract their attention from focusing or mayb even in their sleep....send your angels to protect them Lord...May they able to persevere through this time by totally depending on Ur strength...

IN the midst of examanation, may they not forget U o lord ,For u are the onlyOne who is able to sustaine them in the period of stress.....May all of them continue to be faithful in Your Words...

Guys....May the Lord grant all of u the inner peace....And that u all will give ur Best not only for youtself bt for the Lord....And let it be a testimony to others as well....

Dont take it too EASY!!!!!!!....DONt take it TOO HARD!!!!!!.....If got time...Try listen to LIght and Easy to release stress...!!!!!....Bt oni through prayers....the peace of the Lord will surely surround u each day.... :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Old Videos!!!

While i can't wait to see Tammi's surprise video, i remembered that i have a few videos that i've forgotten to upload!! really sorry..first off, chronologically, is from A&B Wedding night..

Presenting, Chuck, flower, and Larry!!!!

And then Tanya's and Wen Yiing's birthday cake in church..i nearly forgotten to record so i missed the singing..


sorry justin i didn't make the youths go crazy when you're not here.
Just watch already!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Meaningful poem : "Iam a Christian"

When I say "I am a Christian"
I am not shouting "I am saved"
I am whispering "I was lost"
This is why I chose this way.

When I say "I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I am confessing that I stumbled,
And need someone to be my guide.

When I say "I am a Christian"
I am not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are all too visible,
But God believes I am worth it.

When I say "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heart aches,
Which is why I seek His name.

When I say "I am a Christian"
I do not wish to judge
I have no authority
I only know I am loved.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Someone's 18

Happy 18th Birthday...
(Click for bigger view)

I have totally speechless...
Because it's a long time I did not celebrate others' birthday...
I just felt that "Oh My Years Best Friend's Birthday Coming Soon"
And I have no idea what to do or give...
Well, my only talent is drawing
Besides, I drew a lot using photoshop nowadays...
SO I decided to draw something to help in encouragement on your studies...

Bla bla bla...

However, hope you're happy all the days :D
No worries is the best lah! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!