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"30Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;
31but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and now grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint."
----Isaiah 40:30-31

Let us reload!

Thursday, 31 July 2008


I so totally agree with Angelica! I miss everybody back in KK!!! The first youth that I tried attending when I got here was Culture Star youth from Centre of New Life church, which is a charismatic church (think Skyline or Calvary Charismatic church.. the youth.. Haha..) Nice lah, the Sunday morning worship was like those youth rally we've been to xD Their youth is on Saturdays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm (weird yeah xD Hahaha..) But my mom don't let me go to that youth because when I go back I'll be walking home in the dark =( So yeah.. I felt bad when this girl smsed me to ask if I was going, and I told her the truth la. Sighs.

So looks like I'll be going to Living Waters Methodist Church with Justin.. their youth is after the Sunday morning service (which is very different compared to the previous church xD) It's more like ours, probably even a bit more mellow O.o Lol! Sighs. But yeah, like Angelica said, it's very difficult to try settling down in a brand new church especially when we've already established such good relationships and friendships in Grace Chapel =(

I haven't touched a piano since coming here! I hope I don't forget how to play O.O That will be scary, man, hahaha..

This weekend (1-3 August) there's this Festival of Praise at Singapore Indoor Stadium, and it will be featuring this Christian band called Parachute Band and Reuben Morgan (from HILLSONG!!!) The speaker is Mark Conner from Australia.. Actually this weekend is also Singfest (with acts from OneRepublic, Simple Plan, Pussycat Dolls and others!!) But the ticket is darned expensive =(( So yeah, the praise rally will be lots better anyway =D

Life here has been okay la. Finding places to eat is not difficult (I live in a commercial area and I'm quite near Orchard xD) I'm tired of Bugis Junction already lol. It's like 2 or 3 blocks away from my school. The only thing I don't like is walking all the way back to my hostel and climbing all the way up to my room on the 4th floor, especially when I'm all tired and carrying lots of stuff I needed to bring to school, or if I've been shopping (for things I need ah! not my clothes, shoes etc. etc).. It's very tiring, haha, and I usually start sweating already then have to go shower, but my room is almost always air-conditioned when I reach so it's a welcome relief, haha..

Lol I realized that I'm starting to write a novel like Ronan liao =p xDD Hahaha..

Miss everybody so much

words from my heart :)

guys..im so proud of u all!! tho starting youth fellowship at 740 is not exactly on time but knowing how late we used to start it off makes it sound so much earlier haha anyways, its truly a great start. its so nice to see how u guys r putting things up n changing for the better....together!!! tat's how it shud roll =p

i believe God is working in each of u, individually or as a group. continue to stand strong in Him.

somehow i cant believe im telling u guys all those but having problems myself :( actually i find myself struggling here. both spiritually in my walk with God n my personal life here. starting all over again in a new church is seriously not easy. things r sooo different. its as if i cant reli be myself like how i am in grace chapel cuz the culture n how things go arnd here is not the same.i miss how i can go crazy in church. i miss how i can reli pour out my hearts when i worship God.

as for uni, its reli getting pretty stressful.having assignment due almost everyweek. have to cope with the lecturer's speed of teaching. family problems...its just not helping in making me in my studies. things r so just so hard for me..or mayb its just that im not taking it the right way...i dunno :(

i reli wana go home :( i mis u guys..how i can put away all my troubles n worries whenever i have u all arnd to keep me happy.

sigh...thank God for this blog. or else i wont know where to reli pour out my hearts to..other than bugging justin every nite with all my problems..but its not like he has a choice cuz his ears belongs to me!!

p/s : justin if u dun agree to that talak 2 ah!!!

anyways..im looking forward in seeing u guys...never knew i'd miss u all sooooo much..love u peeps..muah~~

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

26 July 2008, Sat: An earlier-started YF

Well, here's a recap of what happened last sat. Here again i would like to thank you all reading this for playing your parts in making our YF started much much earlier compared to the week before even though you thought you might have done nothing. Man..we started about half an hour earlier, you know? haha..

Well, since i don't have much time and to avoid writing a novel about that day, so here's what we did:

We started having dinner at Damai about 6.35pm if i didn't remember wrong and with the help of Ivan and Edgar in transportation (thank you so much). And the YF worship team for that night returned to church earlier to practise after dinner by Ivan's car. Then, the other car with youths drove by Edgar arrived church about 7.25pm (if i didn't remember wrongly) and then we all started YF about 7.40pm..great improvement, people!

So after YF, Uncle Keat Heng took over sharing session since Uncle Chin wasn't able to come and he showed us a testimonial video of a mid-east Christian who was once a Muslim. And, just in case someone else read this blog, yup we know we can't try convert our fellow Muslims in Malaysia, ok? Moving on, overall the testimony was really something beneficial for all of us. The sad thing was that because of the audio system in Annex Hall, the clip's mid-eastern music basically drowned out the testimony. Really kinda hard to focus on what the guy was talking about because the music was really really disturbing. Really..if only i've recorded it. Or maybe, i'll try taking the video from Uncle and post it up here, haha.

Anywayz..the main thing was about the discussion we had after watching the about-17mins clip (imagine having the music blasting at you through out that period of time) led by Uncle Keat Heng. There were two really important and fundamental principles touched on by the guy in his testimony. As Uncle put it, if you take that 2 important principles away from Christianity, Christianity itself would have been pointless and meaningless.

What are the 2 principles? to be short:
1. We have to put our faith in the Word of God.
2. Only the Truth of God's Word will set us free from the bondage of sin.

So without the 2 points, it's meaningless saying you're a Christian. And the 3 verses that were related and brought out by Uncle was from Hebrews 5:12-14:

12 In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God's Word all over again. You need milk, not solid food!

13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.

14 But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. (NIV)

So, the point is, we should not stop at the infant stage, only drinking milk. We need to constantly study and live out God's Word. Then only we start to mature.

And another point brought up by Uncle was the danger of the Loop. A spiritual loop whereby say, this week you felt bad and have done wrong so you kept reading and studying God's Word and pray. Then the next week, feeling good, you push back the time with God and start feeling lazy, giving excuses to postpone your own Quiet Time with God, your own Bible Study, etc. The example given was just a brief one but i'm sure you all who are reading this know what i'm talking about. Everyone experiences this Loop thing, i myself included. And so we must fight. The devil is trying to pull us away and so let us pray for one another, unloop this Loop and straighten the paths of our lives, that we may move forward together to follow God in Christ's footsteps and to be mature, not being spiritual cisterns like what Uncle Chin has taught us previously.

Let us not reload ourselves to go on a spiritual loop but reload ourselves with the spiritual ammunition from God's Word to keep us going straight forward. For the Glory of our GOD!!

If you had listened to the background song for this blog,

Your answers are for you yourselves and for God.


Erm, so i tried changin the template back to the previous one, put in JeremyK's banner design and it's just temporary..dunno how it looks to you all..i could only use Paint to resize the banner, don't have good editin programmes with me now in this comp i'm using..erm..i think this current's template let the posts more easier to be read..the previous stretched template kinda made me easily lose my attention..dunno why..haha..maybe it's just my prob..so,

feedbacks, people!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

My Design for the blog's header

Hey guys, well, i finished making this banner for the blog header, but since this layout that Tammi have applied is something u can't edit with blogger layout control (only html codes), I decide to just post it here, and it will be sort of like my design proposal to use this design for the blog's banner/header. what do ya think?

Comments and feedbacks are very much appreciated =)

hello, testing.... is this on?

Haha, this makes me feel like sharing too. For those who don't know yet, i'm currently residing in KL, in subang area to be more exact, and i'm studying audio and media.

Yeah, alot of things have been happening, but i'll summarize it. Moving here wasn't as how i expected it to be. I thought i get to live independently and all, but it was totally different. I have to thank God for all the suffering that i've been through, tho there were more painful times than good times here, I praise Him for all the suffering and His works in my life. For the 1st few months, everything was going fine, then, i began to miss the things in KK, they are incomparable here, coz i grew up all my life there. Yes, it really hurts to realize that i'm letting go of what i hold dearly, but it's all part of God's plan. And yes, during these painful times, i turned to wrong doings to try cover up the pain, but u know lah, haha, it doesn't work, and it's only temporarily (don't worry, i didn't smoke or drink or anything like that ^_^ ). Suffering brings us closer to God, so don't forget to thank Him for every moment.

About the church here, it's called Subang Jaya Gospel Centre (SJGC for short). i started off really slow, but now, things have been going well. For me, it took me a longer time to make friends in church coz i don't get to hang out much with them, and i joined their college group (which is only 2 fridays a month...) but now i got to know most of them, and i remembered most of their names, heh. The church here is pretty interesting, their usual worship is always an open worship, and lead worship is rare. The church now is so focused on evangelism, sharing the good news about Jesus Christ! and it's great! it has built my confidence to share the gospel with my loved ones, and so for my 1st try, i'm gonna tell my cousin when he comes back the end of this year =D
Lol, the church here starts at 8.30am, so haha, i have to wake up kinda early... and this Sunday, i'm gonna play the piano during the breaking of bread and wine and offering, haha.

Well, i really miss most of you all. I really can't wait to come back. Hopefully... As Soon As Possible! eheh

my studies? em... lol, it's normal, i'm in my 2nd semester... i've got not much to tell, but if u ask, u will be answered.

Take Care and God Bless!

Friday, 25 July 2008

NAH! Looks so much better =p

Still very basic la, hahaha.. I wanted to go Blogskins and find a nice fancy one but I'm currently on my roommate's MacBook and I feel bad if I do too much xD Hmm.. I SURVIVED MY FIRST WEEK IN COLLEGE! Hahahahaha xD Ya la ya la others also ma =p It's MY accomplishment.

So far school has been great, haha.. aiyaks go read my personal blog la this =p

Saturday tomorrow. If only I was going to Grace Chapel youth =(


gel's rather late updates

hey you all, sorry i haven been updating myself here thou i cud have done it way earlier. got some problems making this account...cuz of ronan la!!!!!!!!!! haha well anyways, lets not talk about ronan.it has been almost 3 weeks plus i came here. was reli reli reli reli depressed the first week. didnt wana accept all the new things appearing in life but then, i had to.

the orientation was rather useless cuz it didnt help much of us to know new ppl. at least im better than justin la, have a few frens haha but only close to one girl la..but stil more than one =p..so ya, second week. classes started n i got like 3 assignments on my third day!!!! gah~~~~!! stress can!! haih n lecturers r teaching so fast like nobody cares n covered first 4 topics in the first week!!! i seriously got a bit stressed out then eventually got sick haha apparently im lack of calsium n Bcomplex!!! its a bit funny but..i dun understand la hahahha n now the third week, im kinda getting used to studying already even after one year not using much of my brain haha have to hand in assignments n homework already..sigh~~

n church..i cannot agree more to what tammi said. there is no other youth group like the one in grace chapel luyang!!!currently im attending city harvest church. as some of u might not know, its a charismatic church. very very lively n fully equiped with almost all the best stuff in church. but even so, i felt a slight difference there.i dont know how to put it in words but its just differentfrom how i thot i would feel. but no doubt, ppl there r reli nice. truly can see all the wonderful talents God gave them n how the fully used it to praise n serve Him. now im joining a cell group. its a small group, proli arnd 10 persons. IM THE YOUNGEST!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha but yeah. it gave me another different feeling attending cell n service.things r starting to be a routine here to me so i guess its gonna be ok soon.

i miss u guys sooooo much :( reli reli reli wana go back to church. that's the one thot that has never left my mind n heart. our church is owez the place for me to put down all my burdens n worries n truly find the peace in God. i hope you guys back there r growing spiritually with the Lord n also helping each other up. we are all one body in Christ. everyone matters equally.so give ur best in everything to the Lord n to others.


anywyays..i'll post up some pictures soon..when i know how hahahah

here's a quote i learnt from cell last nite. ' when you let go of what you have in hand, God will let go of what's in His hand.' what you recieve can actually dwindle away but what you give will multiply.guess i'll stop here for now. need to get ready to go uni to rush up assignments!!...love n miss u guys so so muchie..cant wait to go back end of the year..muaxxx

***ronan..so much of trouble just to post this rite?? hahahaha

Hey GUYS.....helloz from SINgaPOL

Hey HEy HEy......din c u guys for a short period of time seems like centuries man.....after seeing the clips .... i m sure u guys are doin very well overthere.....and having so much fun...makes me wanna go back ...... my life journey in singapore has been amazing..... full of miricles as well.....i will tell u guys how's life thus far.....

Let me share wit u what i have observed and learned about the lifestyle of singaporeans.....firstly...the pace here is fasst and furious...even grandma and grandpa over here are fast too.....Admire thier walking movements...heheh...Since MRT is alwez full....I oso learned a new kung fu on how to balance myself in the MRt without holding any "tiang" for support........ppl here like to eat durian oso....so they do have a DURIAN cafe....soli din take any pic...bt i was shocked to c tat...bt i will neve r go near to tat place coz DURIAN BUSUK!!!!!...i wish i have photos...bt too bad...no $ = NO CAMERA...heheh...

Touching down on a foreign ground makes my heart so uneasy and full of doubts....actually i wanted to join an oreintation which is conducted by volunteers in NUS bt cant coz mum was with me and they dont allow any family members to join....so my mum and i stayed a far far related relative's hse.....actually they are my grand aunt and grand unc....this is the 1st time i met my grandunc.....couldn't bliv it....thou i never knew him.....bt he was a very warm hearted person....God send him to be my angel...giving me guidance about the whereabouts of singapore.... and God also send some other granaunties and cousin to help me out in many ways.....these are the blessings that how could i ever thank for....

Currently i m settling myself down in my new hostel....trying to get to know frens....so far oni 1 la...heheh....bt more will come along...i know life is goin to be tough here......even some nights i suddenly started to worry ....bt the LOrd "scolded" me yet comforts me with His words.... both from Matthew 6:25-27 and 10:29-30.........so 2 all of u out there..... i dono how life is gona be for u guys...bt ssurely the Lord has a plan that will surely prosper u ..if only u keep on in His way....

My temporary singapore hp no is 93768879.....dont call me coz i will be charged as well....heheh....so jz sms...best way...is thru blog or msn.....keep touch ya....support one another....and great to know that the floorball committee has setup....bt no matter who u r ....each one of u is precious in HIs eyes...worth more than millions of sparrows....

take care guys and remember each other in prayer !!!!!....

Thursday, 24 July 2008


heyy.. so cool got blog^^ THE LAYOUT NEEDS A RENOVATION. eh gimme the password so I can help spruce up the layout la?

i miss you guys so much! the youth here is nothing compared to you guys (electric guitars and fantastic drumming aside xD Just kidding, haha..) xD I miss our cosy little youth group.. then again i'm not even sure which youth i belong to for now.. my mom doesn't like the idea of me walking home alone in the dark after a youth session.. she wants me to find a youth group that meets after the sunday morning service -_- I mean, i feel bad la, judging youths and churches by how I can make it and stuff.. but oh well.. I'm sure God will find a way..

Yer why seems like I missed so much de??? Rawr.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again xoxo
thegirlinthenafalibraryinsingapore =D

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blogging in this blog

So what is there to blog here if ronan already kept bloggin whatever that's happened with the youths? Well, there is sure a lot to blog about:

if you feel like sharing whatever happened to you today or some day, just blog it!

if you feel like talkin about some matters or topics or whatever that comes into your mind, just blog it!

or, if you feel lik blogging about what happened in youths from your point of view also can! like on sunday afternoon during family sports which ronan didn't go, if there had happened somethin funny or extraordinary lik last time's Shelby kena hit by an onion you can also blog about it! so that it won't just be ronan bloggin or from ronan's point of view only ya?

there's a lot to blog about so it's all up to your creativity on what to blog about.

One thing to remember:
please make sure you put your name in the 'Labels for this post:' whenever you post anything..'cause by doin so whenever someone wanna see what you've posted they just have to refer to that Labels section under the recommended sites, which is under the chatbox, and they can straight read whatever you have posted, alright?

just in case if you've been blurred by what i've said, for e.g.:

-if you helped blog about sunday afternoon sports then you just label it 'Sunday Afternoon Family Sports' or just 'Sunday Afternoon Sports' will do. Or,

-if your point of view lik on a YF then just label it 'Youth Fellowship' then. Hmmm..

-if you're sharing about something, label it as 'Sharing', ok?

-if it's something in your mind or something for us to ponder upon together or share opinion then label 'Thoughts'

-while other stuffs like about your day or yourself then label it with your name.

all this labellin system is to allow easier access to the posts that will be in this blog.

any further Qs about the labellin system then just ask me, ok?

thanks, everybody!


40-day Fast & Pray

Yo to everyone who's reading this!

If you already have the booklet, it starts today!

So don't forget ya people?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

19 July 2008, Sat: Celebrating Crystal's 13th Birthday

It was raining heavily in the afternoon and still drizzling in the evening. Amy, Sharon, Samuel, Wen Yi and I were in the worship team and man the practice was till about 7pm! Just when last sat's prac was so short. But well, this time's 'cause the songs are tougher and we had our own problems so it's alright. And so unfortunately we started YF late too. And after YF's worship, it was a time of sharing. Uncle Chin had Tanya and JeremyL out to the front to share to us what they know about their siblings in Singapore currently. Desiree wasn there so we dunno how Angelica's doin over there..thus, that's one of the reasons of the existence of this blog! haha..i only remembered to take a photo when it was Jeremy's turn so i didn't take Tanya's:
Tanya was very informative about Tammi's current situation but Jeremy..man..Justin, you have to stay in touch more with your bro man..but for now i noe cant la..since no internet access at where you are now till at the hostel and also Jeremy wif no handphone to sms with you, haha..
The updates are with Q&As too. And here's a clip of Jeremy..stopped halfway after my phone ran out of memory:

After the updates, Uncle Keat Heng (erm, dunno if i spelled wrong), who was also there, shared 2 events about how God has helped them in China. One was about how they managed to get a visa there in the last 3 days (if i din remember wrong) before they had to leave due to some problems they faced when they jz got there last year. Another one is about finding a good place to stay with incredibly cheap rental fee when their previous rental contract expired last month.

After that, Ivan and Wen Yi shared. Ivan's was about tryin to not fall back again repeatin the process of sin-repent-forgiven and said what Uncle Chin described as a very nice way to put it, "deep enough to learn somethin, and shallow enough to pull out of" somethin lik that..can't remember the actual quote. While Wen Yi's was about forgivin others since God has already forgiven us through Jesus. Sorry i just cant remember the verse right now..

AND, after that, we all went downstairs for the celebration of Crystal's birthday, which was an early celebration since it's actually today, 20th of july. And which i realised i've forgotten to wish her in church today..man..anywayz, Timothy help bought a cake from Southern to surprise her but it turned out Crystal bought a cake her mom made, so we ended having 2 cakes to eat! All chocolate-y ones lagi. So we sang the birthday song in the dark:

and gave a toast for her:

Then pictures that were taken that night:
the group pics were taken by Uncle Chin with ronan's phone so he went and blocked the people

"Everybody say 'Crystal'!", said AdrianL. I suppose my bad timing didn take pics of Crystal lookin at the camera..she's just all smiling

Well, i didn't go eavesdropping so i dunno what the guys were discussin about.
"Sharon!" and then *SNAP*
Distributing the cakes..thanks Vanessa!
And sorry Samuel..

you too, Shelby.

That's all i've got.

Remember people, we GOTTA START YF ON TIME NEXT SAT!!


16 July 2008, Wed: The day Justin left for Singapore

Yup, the day finally came. Justin's flight's at 10.35pm. Ailyn, Edmond and I followed Ivan's car to the airport to send Justin off. And we were late when we arrived there about 9.40am as Justin's flight was already calling. So we all only got to say a bit of bye-byes and take-cares. I took a pic with Justin before he leaves, but unfortunately he wasn lookin at the camera:
Yea..i skipped a class to get there..while JeremyL so good can skip school..haha..
And a picture of Justin goin into the departure gate..Jeremy was cryin at tat time....in his heart....i think....cz of the extra housework addin in bcz Justin'll be in Singapore and his mom temporarily with Justin there, haha..
Too bad the guy in white was blocking..here's a clip:


Saturday, 19 July 2008


Well, invitations have been sent to almost all of the youths' e-mail addresses.

So people, accept the invitation and register an account if you dont have one and START BLOGGING!!!!


Friday, 18 July 2008

14 July, 2008: Going out with Justin, Karina, Jeremy and Sharon to 1Borneo

Sharon and I went right after school as Justin came picking us up with Karina and JeremyL in the new proton saga. Then we went to 1Borneo, discussed and bought tickets to HellBoy II: The Golden Army at the GSC cinema. Then we guys walked ours and the 2 girls walked theirs as there was still about an hour and more before the movie starts.

I dunno where the girls went of what they did, but i'll write what we guys did. Jeremy was looking for a jeans to aim for while Justin was lookin for a jersey. We walked around and Justin bought his Cheetah Evo jersey at the Tune Store. The jersey looked cool and so much cheaper than the ones we saw at the Addidas side of the store. While Jeremy and i realised there wasn any GUYS jeans for sale in the store! How could that be possible?? All the jeans we saw were all for girls!! even this cool-lookin jeans i saw i at first tot, "finally, for guys" but when i looked up i saw the big brand sign, "LADYLIKE" or maybe in plural form and was shocked. Unbelievable.

Moving on, after that we went to this 2-floor arcade (Jeremy and I forced Justin to) which uses a credit card to play. Pay minimum rm10 for a card with 10 credits (rm1 for 1 cred) and a deposit of rm3 which we then paid for the rm10 one. The arcade basically hasn't finished construction yet. And was quite empty. While the top floor of the arcade still mostly not done yet and its arcade machines weren built with the card system yet. So we 1st played this basketball arcade which has 4 stages and to move on to the next stage requires 30, 50 and 100 pts for stages 1,2 and 3. Jeremy was like a shooting machine. Broke the initial preset high score of 200 and then broke 2 more of his own. We basically used up all of the credits (insert the card into this card reader thing and press the 'Credit' button to deduct the credits in the card) on the basketball cz there werent really many other games to play. Or maybe there were but we ran out of time so we quickly finished the remaining on the basketball arcade after playin this hit drum arcade which i played only and regretted not lettin Justin and Jeremy play as i record them (Jeremy did record me but it was boring and about 5mins, which i won't post).

After that, movie time. The seats were excellent. Comfortable, spacious, really nice. And the sound system was really good with big screen. But there weren many ppl watching which i suppose 'cause it was monday and 1Borneo's just too far away.

Then after movie, we ate dinner at Burger King where Justin finally sunk his teeth into the promotional Double Swiss Mushroom Burger with fries and soya bean drink which he had been yearnin for, haha. Then we sent Jeremy to his tuition before Justin sent me and then Sharon home. It was fun but too bad it was kinda short. Reached home about 7.30pm.

There were mini-TVs on top of the urinal thingy. But they were not in service so nothing to be watched....except someone using the toilet!! hahaha sorry Jeremy! That was before the movie starts. And this is after the movie ended.

After i've taken this pic suddenly there was a big spotlight shinin at me..i think it was to the whole cinema so that the cleanup crew can clean easier. Or....the staff up there saw me and shone the light at me, tryin to stop me from takin somethin about their cinema and post it up on the internet..like here! haha..

And sunset pics that i tried to take when we were leaving 1Borneo. I missed quite a lot of oppoturnities 'cause a lot of stuffs blockin and Justin was speedin!! not really..haha:
Then after Justin sent me to outside of my house, i took tis!

It was nothing actually..just took it for fun.

Now here's a clip of our big bro shooting....basketballs:

And then Jeremy, the shooting machine:

And then the brothers:


13 July, 2008: The Gracel Chapel Luyang English Assembly Annual Family Sports Day! (that was long)

Well, another year has passed and it's the annual family sports day again.

I suppose it was more of a church event but since the church doesn't have its own blog yet, i'll blog down what we did that day.

It was drizzling. Suppozly gonna hold outdoor since the air'll be fresher according to Esther jiejie since she, Samuel, KaShing, Uncle Colin and Auntie Josephine were in charged (sorry if i left anyone unnamed) so we had in the hall.

Oh and before that some of the youths including yours truly went early around 3pm (the annual sports starts at 4pm) and played some floorball. Ivan and Edmond were there too. And so we only played for about 10 mins before the family sports thing started.

Ivan, Edmond, JeremyL, Wen Yi, Wen Yiing and I went to Giant where Likas Mart was and bought drinks after playing floorball (oh yea, Wen Yi and Wen Yiing were also there other than the Reloaded team) so i don't really noe what they did before at the beginning of the family sports day thing. Oh yea i now remember, they did Line Dance again as a warm-up.

So, trying again not to write a novel out of this, we were then divided into 6 groups: Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Purple and Pink, i think. And i won't gonna list out who were in the groups. I do noe there were 9-10 of ppl in each group.

1st game was a relay of 5 mini-telematches of racing against time as each team takes turn to play and the teams with shorter total time taken gets more points consisted of:
1. 3ppl: pickin 10 beans one by one out of a small circle container and put them onto the container's lid on this school desk so the 3 ppl each take turns (i don't really noe how to describe so i do hope who wasn there get i wat i'm talkin about).
2. 2 ppl: one blindfolded, one not. The one that's not sing Rasa Sayang and the one blindedfolded feed the other with a banana after the song while the one who sang's not allowed to move.
3. 3 ppl: each have to string 3 (i think) large paper beads and one big marble-like bead on a shoe string.
4. 1 person: have to put on a big shirt then button and unbutton it.
5. Everyone: Stand in an alphabetically order of their surnames.

2nd game was this onion-tied string for each team members to hold which 2 teams battle it out together to see who gets the most plastic balls into the floorball small goal posts in 3 mins (i think). It was quite frenzy as we were given this bunch of balls in the middle before the match start and then ppl just kept swingin and swingin. One remarkable thing was as JeremyL swung his the onion on his string flew off and SMACK! on Shelby's face.

and i can't remember if there was a 3rd game since it's quite a few days ago and my memory lately just aint tat good i think. So, the results for the top 3 teams is: 1st, Red. 2nd, Yellow (Greg, Wen Yi and I were in it) and..Purple, i think. Haha..

Here are some pics of Sidney with the prize (he's in Yellow too, along with Benedict and Uncle Chin: the whole father and sons team):
And..this short clip which i only was able to record just the very last part which i recommend who's reading, to watch:

(p.s. Justin, if you've watched this, PLEASE don't delete it..haha)


Sunday, 13 July 2008

12 July 2008, one more YF before Justin leaves for Singapore

After having an unofficial record for the shortest sunday worship prac ever led by Uncle Lim Eng Hock, we finished about 5:40pm. So after Justin sent his dad back home and came back to church, him with the drums, JeremyL on the piano and me with the guitar jammed a few songs that we've practised.

And then, with Jeremy stopped playing piano, with Ronan playing the guitar and Justin supporting with the drums, it soon turned into a frenzy singing of the names of the people with us near and on the stage. It started with Ka Shing's and then him and Samuel Wong Sr. started singin along with their own styles and it all basically sounded like we were howling to a nice accompaniment of guitar and drums. Amy (was on the projector), Ivan (came early) and Wen Yi (was singin backup) were also there. And Samuel even had this megaphone thingy which i suppoz was the church's. After much of the howl-singin he switched on the siren and man it just kinda sounded like when we were doing the how-singin.

Anyways, before i start writing a novel on what we did then, for dinner we had it at Damai's Pizza Hut, with 13 people in total present if i didn't count wrong. And i'll try listing their names:
Wen Yi, Wen Yiing, Amy, Aaron, Adrian, Samuel (jr.), Shelby, Sharon, Ronan, Ivan, Travis, Justin and Edmond. Yup..13 of us. After eating, used up the remaining 2 jug-worth of Pepsi in everyone's cup and we toasted Justin. I mean, gave a toast to him. Actually toasted "Yao Seng" instead of "Yao Long" at the 1st try. Man..i think i was partly at fault for misleadin the others, haha..here's a clip of the toast. I actually forgotten that i was recording so it's mostly facing the table.

That night, there was a UMS student outreach thingy so the annex hall was used. Suppozly the youths had to use the sunday skol upstairs same floor with Esther jiejie's office but in the end we got to use the main hall since the Chinese assembly had practised in the afternoon. After the worship, Uncle Chin proposed we all do somethin different that was by goin to Easy Way Damai since it's one more night for Justin before he leaves. There was about 22 of us there excludin Uncle Chin.
A special arrangement of the tables and Tanya, Wen Yi and Wen Yiing accompanied Justin in it.

And a 8 somethin minutes clip of toasts+random stuffs+our departure from Easy Way:

Then after returning from Easy Way we had a meetin about using floorball as an outreach ministry with Uncle Chin and Uncle Su Kiong. And finished near 10.30pm.


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